At Professional Builder’s Cleaning, we offer cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial build and renovation projects. Final cleans are often required to be turned around quickly, which means it is essential to use a cleaning company who can provide quality results on time without fail. Our team of over 50 experienced and professional cleaners are committed to providing a professional clean with quick turnaround, working with you to fit into your schedule.

When you need a builder’s clean, call Professional Builders Cleaning.

Our entire team of cleaners are trained and experienced to provide a high quality clean, as well as having the relevant permits to work on any job site with the right equipment.

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Professional Builders Cleaning offers cleaning services to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, the Ipswich region, Northern NSW and further by request.

Builders cleans are our core speciality and include:

  • Initial cleans
  • Final cleans
  • Handover cleans
  • Window cleaning
  • Floor treatment
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Auto sweeping and scrubbing
  • Floor sealing
  • Site office and shed cleaning
  • Caulking
  • High access cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • External building cleaning
  • After asbestos clean up
We have experience in cleaning building and renovation projects from single story homes to high rises of over 250 apartments. From small renovations to big refurbishments, no job is too big or too small for us.

A professional builders clean will cover:

  • Removal of all debris and any packaging
  • Cleaning all bathrooms, toilets and laundries including baths, showers and vanities. Also includes removing excess grout and painting from fittings and fixtures
  • All floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Windows, window tracks, frames and sills
  • Walls
  • Fittings and fixtures including light covers, taps, cupboards, pantries
  • Mirrors polished
  • Kitchen benches and appliances
  • Handrails and stairs

And this is just a short list!

At Professional Builder’s Cleaning, we offer “Once Off Builders Cleans” used at the end of the project, or multiple visits used at different stages of the project. Depending on the requirements of the builder, we can customise and adjust our cleaning plans to suit individual preferences. Below are some of the common choices of cleans.

Type of Builders Cleans

Once Off Builders Clean:

This is a thorough clean of all areas included in the Scope of Works. Our team comes in when all trades are out and everything is installed and completed. All areas are cleaned Once Only right before the handover.

Initial clean:

Often called a pre-silicone clean or pre-defect clean. Our team comes in to remove the bulk of the dust in all areas and prepare wet areas for silicone. This clean allows you to see any defects in the build.

Builders clean:

This is the major clean. We will come in to do a 100% clean of all areas, so the premises are ready for inspections and handover.

Final clean:

This is what many know as the handover clean. Our team comes in to refresh the premises and do a minor touch up after the inspections or defects are rectified.

Ongoing cleans:

This cleaning service is undertaken when work is finished, but the property needs ongoing cleaning before handover.

If you require a professional builders cleaning service in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast areas or in Northern NSW, we are the right company for the job. Our cleaning services are comprehensive and go right down to the smallest detail. Our prices are budget conscious, allowing us to provide you with a professional cleaning service within your budget.

We service all types of construction and development projects including, but not limited to: High Rise, Units, Houses, Townhouses, Schools, Food facilities, Offices, Site offices, Retail Precincts, Warehouses, Hospitals, Medical Centres, Hotels, Universities & Colleges, Recreation facilities, Commercial spaces, Sporting Facilities, Banks, Aged Care, Petrol stations, Child Care, Train Stations, Military Base, Car Parks and more

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